Wednesday 18 March 2015

Son Son is 16 Months

Son Son you are 16 Months and how fast is that going!
I say that every month but is sure does come round quick.
Each month you becoming more independent. 
Each month your turning more into a little boy.

You love your food still.
Most morning you will polish two bowls of cereal,
there was even a morning you managed 4!
Ami gives you everything she doesnt want and you will happily eat it. 
You still wont eat much Fruit but we keep on trying. 

You love to play outside as soon as the door is open you run outside. 
Your favourite game is kicking a ball. 
This month you have been doing a lot of digging weather you can.
You can nearly go forward on the ride on cars,
you still get cross that you can go where you want to.

You sleep well and have been havign many 2 hour naps,
some mornings you wake when Ami wakes 
but decide its to early and go back to sleep.
You can't fall asleep without your muzzy. 

You have started to stand up for your self when Ami takes something off you.
You shout back then cry but its a start. 
You never get to play with anything good it always gets taken off you. 
You love it when Ami plays with you, its very rare but lovely to see. 
You two play with Happyland and as long as you listen to Ami its good fun.
Sadly Son Son having a older sister you are used to being bossed around. 
Good practice for when you older I expect!

You love running and Run everywhere. 
You hate baths and getting dressed. 
You love playing with Cars and pushchairs.
You are the most cuddly toddler and love to sit on Mummy and Daddys lap a lot. 

You really are a joy and growing you to be such Awesome dude, 
we love you lots. 


  1. Awww such a lovely post. You forget how much they learn and all those little things so I think it's great that you are recording it all.

  2. oh gosh how the time flies if only we could pause the days

  3. Awwww this is beautiful!! :) Time certainly does fly! I can't believe my kids are now 12 and 9!! Doesn't seem long ago that mine were as small as yours!

    Lucie x

  4. awww what a beautiful post. They grow up too quickly don't they! My son is now 5 and little girl is 3 next month x

  5. Lovely pictures! He's growing into a lovely happy boy isn't he?

  6. He is so cute nad alovelt toddler. But they soon grow up fast so make the most of the early years.

  7. What a beautiful post - it goes so fast and sounds like you are savoring the moment

  8. Ahh such a lovely post! What a gorgeous boy! xx

  9. What gorgeous photos. They really do grow so quickly don't they and it is great to have an online diary of all of their changes.

  10. Oh he is totally adorable. It is great that you will have these posts to look back on and remember the changes

  11. oh my goodness where did that time go?! .. i can't believe how big he is these days xx

  12. What a cutie! This is a lovely post and I'm sure that your son will treasure it when he's older.

  13. Aw what beautiful boys, such cute photos x

  14. What a lovely age and so much fun still to be had.

  15. Lovely post with lovely photos :) I love his cute smile :)

  16. Aw such a lovely post and really adorable photos.

  17. He is just adorable - they grow so fast don't they!

  18. Aww, how lovely and something to look back on when he's all grown up.