Tuesday 27 October 2015

Son son you are 23 months

I can not believe that this is the last of the one year updates. Every month of your life you have had written on this blog shared for the whole world to see, It's lovely to look back and reflect, remember you as a newborn and all the other fun milestones. It's hard to write as I know soon my littlest baby will turn two and no longer be classed as a baby sob sob.

It's been a busy month for you son son, we are finally getting words from you at long last.
You try and say most things even if people do not understand it and you also have said a string of three words together "love you mummy". You know a lot of things even though you can say the words. Such as when people come in you take there shoes and put them by the shoe rack then collect the right shoes for everyone when we leave, it's little things like that that are unbelievbly cute.

You seem to have chilled out a lot this month, you aren't so throwy if that's a word ok your less likely to throw a ball at our heads than before. You seem a bit more patient with a bossy older sister. You still are not to fond on other toddlers so much and can push them if they come too close. You love babies and go mad if you see one, at nursery you look after babies and are always kind. You have become even more affectionate lately and love a good snuggle. You can be stroppy at times and that's when you row your dummy at who ever has told you off but I think that's part of nearly being two. Eek. 

You love most foods and love a good sauce, what ever it is. You have started to eat some more fruit and I thank nursery for that.  You polish off most food but still not too fond on lunch. Not really a sandwich and crisps boy but would polish off any hot meal in next to no time. You aren't fond on ice cream but love yogurts or gogurts as you call them. 

You love to go to bed and have a muslin square and an arsenal dinosaur for comfort, sometimes if we can't find a muzzy we use a stroppy t shirt which you don't tell the difference till ami tells you different. You say the most cure Na nite and toddle of to your cot and lie down. You get up early but hardly wake in the night but when you do you are very cute we don't mind. We can't help but give you a massive cuddle. 

You love cars and trains, you got mad if you see a plane it really is the sweetest thing. You like to play with dinosaurs too but can be a bit rough. You generally like anything that ami is doing and copy her all day. 

You haven't the maturity with walking along the road lik your sites at a similar age but are getting there slowly you know what a road is, and we are slowly letting you walk at your snails pace along the road. It's safe to say we won't be ditching the pushchair anytime soon. You ask to walk when ever you get in the pushchair bit were not ready for a walking fully talking toddler just yet. 

It's funny me and my husband always say how cute he is, or surely the others weren't as cute but I think it's something with him being the baby. He spends his last month in the baby room at nursery too which is something that makes me want to cry. He is so sweet with a very chilled out nature but with a bit of cheekyness mixed in too. 

Enjoy your last month of being a one year old we love you so much out little son son bear.


  1. Time just flies doesn't it? He is a real cutie and sounds like is doing well and developing a real character :-) Bet it is strange with him being the baby of the family! Not long until the big 2!!! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst and see you soon xx

    1. i know it makes me feel so sad ;( why do they grow up so fast

  2. Awwww I'm sure it just melts you heart to hear your son say "love you mummy". I know it's just so special when my daughter (also almost 2) say it. The grow up so fast I think it's great you're documenting all these little tidbits! #sharewithme

    1. yes deffo my elder two have been so vocal at such an early age its been different having an toddler that isn't so loud lol

  3. Awe, so sweet! Enjoy this time with him. As the very famous saying goes, "The days are long but the years are short." #SharewithMe

  4. Oh he is growing up so fast and is so adorable. hun. Love these photos. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me I hope to see you again tomorrow for another round of #sharewithme