Wednesday 22 April 2015

Son Son your 17 Months

Wow you are 17 months old. 
Each month you are changing.
Each month you are becoming more independent.

This month we finally got your hair cut and suddenly you looked so much older.
You really enjoyed having your hair brushed.
Now people don't call you a girl 
(Except when we run out of spares and you had to wear pink leggings the other day)

You do not say too many words but communicate through noises and pointing. 
You say yeah a lot and mine,
We have heard you say more but these words yo use the most.
You have to fight to get yourself heard over two noisy siblings.
Another favourite word is ball. 
You have such amazing kick for a little toddler. 
Also can throw a ball very accurately you never miss our heads or knocking things over when you want to. 

You love to wind your sister and brother up by sneaking behind them and bashing them on the head. 
You then run away and hope they chase you. 
You love to have whatever they have and shout when you don't get your own way.
You follow Ami everywhere and sometimes look a bit lost without her.
You like to bring things for Ami and cuddle her but she always isnt too keen.

You love cuddles and always want to sit on mummy and daddy lap when at home.
When your outside you want to explore and usually found going the opposite direction to everyone else. You love to have a muzzy and take it everywhere with you.
You love slide and always go down on your front not matter how many times we try to help you.
You love to play outside and especially playing with water and sand. 
You like to pour water on the floor and jump on it.

You love Dancing especially with Daddy.
You love playing chase,
and after dinner you go rather hyper and run in circles for ages.
 You still love animals and squeal with delight if you see any.
We are yet to take you to a zoo I know you would love it.

You won't eat much fruit at home but you do at nursery.
You eat most foods but spaghetti is your favourite.
You love breakfast and will sometimes polish of a few bowls of cereal.
You always want ice cream although you don't actually like it. 

You still Sleep well.
Often sleeping a good 12 hours and a good 2 hour nap. 
You get woken up by your noisy sister.
You get cross if she wakes you up too early. 
You snore so loud we can hear you downstairs over the TV.

Another month has flown by you are such a lovely boy.
We love you lots Son Son Bear


  1. He is such a little cutie. That first photo reminds me so much of monkey, he had that painting top too. Enjoy every moment #SSAA

  2. Awe, so cute. Such a great age too! Enjoy it. They grow up far too quick!

  3. Wow I read this post once then read it aloud to my husband. We seem to have boys with a quite a few similarities.

    The Chap is 20 months and has a few more words but still loves to point.
    He also has a 'muzzy'. Bookworm started calling it this so we went with it.
    The Chap adores animals too. The delight on his face when I placed a guinea pig on his lap was uncomprehendable.
    He has an excellent aim for throwing rocks and small tractors (especially at his sister's head.)
    Breakfast is his thing, yesterday he had three bowls.
    He has mastered the word pasta as it is one of his favourite foods.
    He is a wonderfull napper also clocking up almost two hours each day.
    His preferred method of slide descent is to sit backwards at the top and lower himself down then let go. Head first but facing up.

    Sounds likethey would get on. Lol

    We also love church and community. We moved to Chester 18months ago to help our friends start a church called Vineyard53.

    We are also Chester Zoo members! If y'all are everin the area you have to go. Son son would love it. Best zoo in the country.

    Sorry for the long comment. Love your blog, your pics and content.

    Be checking in soon to hear of more adeventures.

    1. Aww thanks I appreciate it, thanks for the love its nice to know that someone is reading. Sounds like they are very similar its funny.

  4. What a lovely post, I love reading updates. Isn't it funny how a haircut can age our little babies in a blink of an eye. I hope you got a photo of those pink leggings for his 18th birthday lol

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)