Thursday 30 April 2015

Me and Mine - April

Another busy month has flown by.
We have been away 
and come back.
Spent lots of sunny days outside 
and others indoors. 
We are really loving not lugging coats round its been bliss.

This month Daddy loving:

Going away to Macedonia.
Arsenal getting to the FA final.
 Hanging out with the kids,
Experiencing new cultures and food.

Finishing Jobs.

Mummy is loving:

Sunny days. 
Playing in the Garden.
Daddy coming home.

Days of with the family. 

Asti is loving:

New Austin and Ally
Bike Rides Exploring
Adventures in the Van
Going to Spring Harvest and having alot of freedom.

Ami is loving:

Playing in the garden.
Seeing her little toddler friends.
Drawing and making things.
Train journeys.
Going on Holiday with Noah

Son Son is loving:

Dancing and running around.
Cuddles and kisses.
Playing with the messy play table.
Swimming he only went once and now likes the bath again, Hurray!

So this is us for this month.
Spring is busy for us me and my husband are like passing ships seeing each other briefly
sharing pictures of the kids and funny tales from the day.
Life is busy but it is fun and full of adventures.
My family are Growing and changing so much lately.
I love Life I sure am Blessed.


  1. What a beautiful family you have hunny. I love all your photos each month. The kids always look so happy and adventurous. Sounds like you all been very busy. Great captures. #meandmine

    1. Thanks lovely yes so busy at the moment but looking forward to holiday next month huzzah!

  2. What a sweet post. Such a busy and loving family. Brilliant

  3. These photos are so fun! I love the ones of you all looking out to sea :) xx

  4. I adore these photo's, you all look so happy! We too have been enjoying the sun, it's 100 times better that we now have a garden to enjoy it in, whereas at the flat we would just stare out the window with sadness! I hope you and your husband get to spend more time with each other soon! xx

  5. Oh I love your photos, they're so happy and I'm totally with you in celebrating the coats being off and the sunshine being back!!

  6. Such lovely photos! You all look so happy!

    Beth |

  7. What some gorgeous pictures, it seems like April brought you much fun. x

  8. Wonderful photos, April looks lovely, caring and happy! I hope you ate some chocolate too :)

  9. Gorgeous pictures telling a story of your week. You are lucky to be so close to the beach.

  10. oh i do love the beach and wish i lived close enough to ponder each day down to

  11. Gorgeous photo's I love the silhouette ones in front of the sea!

  12. What a lovely month! April has been lovely for us too! I think the onset of spring and the sunshine has really helped! x

  13. What fab pictures. I really need to get more of us as a family

  14. I adore your photos, what a beautiful backdrop to compliment your lovely family!

  15. You managed to capture some great family shots x

  16. what fun photos ! you've a lovely family

  17. Gorgeous photos of you guys as per usual!! Such a cute family! x

  18. I love these photos, so relaxed and fun. You look like your having lots of fun!

  19. What a lovely post and great photos, you have a gorgeous family! xx

  20. awww lovely round up Sara .. i love that you put your loves down too .. so nice to look back like this x

  21. Lovely photos - and such a sweet round up of your family time.

  22. I really must joi in with this, what a great round up of the month x