Saturday 8 February 2014

Minecraft Mum

Oh what a joy this lovely game is... I d like to thank who ever inventing it for a rather dull but strangely addictive game (I call it borecraft).  I am not addicted but my 7 year old son! Its all he talks about, thinks about it can be such a drain. I see that the game can be good for helping source materials and build things but thats it. I must be missing the boat? Or I am so uncool I just do not get it. I am sure there are worse games and many which he isnt allowed to play!

He stopped playing about a year ago and I thought that was it but its back again. This time an added bonus of online youtube videos, which is basically somebody playing and recording it. He loves it I find it tedious. I see his behavior change too, hes grumpy and lazy when sitting in front of a screen. He has even been extremely rude, where we have to sit him down and have a chat.

It makes me feel a bit sad, but has also caused me to be more intentional in bringing other things out, such as board games and painting. Just to stop him asking, he is only allowed to play for a hour a day but its the asking and moaning when he is not. Its such a pain!

Roll on the summer when we can go to the park/ beach for hours and not be couped indoors sheltering from the horrible weather.  Isnt it basically lego on a game. I like those lego games we often play those together they are good fun!

Do you have any tips/ advice for boring minecraft?


  1. Hello im a mimecraft mum too - i tweeted u then thought i'ld peek at your blog entry. It is boring for us but as far as games go for this age group, I think it is not so bad. I would rather they make build a block worlds in fields and mines than slit throats and throw grenades which is pretty much what 'Call of duty is.' That is totally banned in my house, but sadly not in others. And lots of siblings have older siblings who will play this. So by comparision minecraft is not that bad, its quiet good and its relatively quiet.

    Have you thought of suggesting to your son, how about building me a minecraft world in lego. Offer to take a picture and send it to the lego magazine or Minecraft online. Or drawing a minecraft p - mine loved that. I know its still the subject of minecraft but its spilling out their creative development. Also think, if your son at 7 can concentrate for that amount of time - that s a bonus for school.

    My eldest got a bit lazy with his homework where this was concerned. So I said from now on, the same amount of time that is spent on minecraft is spent on homework - That sorted that!

  2. yes its not too bad really, i love the lego idea we would love it! sometimes we play as two player building its a bit sad but he does enjoy it!

    shame he cant concentrate on homework at home! love the homework idea too!

    Thanks x