Friday 21 February 2014

Me and You - February

Im well overdue a date with this man. 
I am not sure we have spent much time together recently.
None at all if its just us, I miss it so much, 
but I know its just a season, soon the kids will be older
Little bear will go to bed earlier and we can hit the town.
Do things we used to do, be teased by my husband and have a good laugh.
I suppose when we do finally get out it will be worth it. 
We can sit and talk about things that are not to do with the kids. 
I like the sound of it. 
I like him very much

So here we are a quick phone photo, Excuse the beard its been around for a while now! Bit of extra warmth for the winter I suppose! 
dear beautiful
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  1. It's tough when you don't get much together time as a couple isn't it? Like you say, it's just a season. But it's still a bit sad.
    Love the photo, selfies are always so cute and snugly. x

    1. yes I agree I hope soon though enough we can go out and have some fun!

  2. It's tough to find time to just hang out as a couple when you've got small children isn't it? Makes those times you DO manage it all that extra special :)

    1. yes that's what my mum says, I look forward to it alot though I sure do miss going out with out a baby!

  3. Such a cute selfie. It is hard to spend time when parents, but so fun when it works out.

    1. Thanks yes hopefully sometime in the distant future!

  4. Oh I love quick phone pictures, they are often the best! x

  5. Love the convenience of phone cameras and selfies!
    This one is lovely!