Tuesday 4 February 2014

KangaWrap Reveiw

For the last two months I have been using the Kangawrap and I have to say it has by far been the best baby product I have ever had. Especially having two babies under 18 months it has been lovely to be able to have the closeness of a newborn whilst having both hands free to play with Ami. I have used this daily and really do not know how I could have coped without it! 

The great thing about Kangawrap it’s not just a wrap but has other health benefits especially for babies that were born premature. It was developed from kangaroo care which came from Bogota in the 1980s where they run out of incubators for the premature babies so they strapped the babies to the mothers. Some of the health benefits for premature babies are as follows:
• Better weight gain
• Shorter hospital stay
• Fewer breathing problems
• Less crying, quieter sleep
• Better temperature control
• More successful breastfeeding

Research conducted from the Kangaroo care by midwives at Pembury saw that many of the wraps were hot and heavy so they then developed the Kangawrap a lighter and more comfortable wrap.

I am so in love with this wrap I have never used one so comfortable, I can wear little bear for hours and not have any hints of backache, I have tried many other and after ten  minutes had to take it off due to intense pain in my shoulders and back. I love that the wrap was developed by midwives meaning it is made for the babies best interests. When little bear was born he had the cord wrapped round his neck a few times and was really distressed, hours went by and he wasn’t warming up even in a boiling hot room. After time under a heat lamp he still wasn’t warming up, so the midwives suggested skin to skin contact. The Kangawrap would be ideal to not feel so exposed and still have skin to skin contact.

The wrap is also very easy to wear, after a few times trying it out before putting little bear I was confidant to try it out. He felt so secure and fell asleep straight away. We often use the wrap when traveling or out shopping, I then don’t have to push a heavy double around and have the closeness of my baby.

I really recommend this product, it retails at under £50 a reasonable price for a baby wrap. You can purchase one on their website, they also sell a Joey wrap for children so you little ones can be just like their parents. 


  1. Having had 2 prem babies I can definitely shout about the benefit of kangaroo care! Lovely wrap and great review, thanks for linking up with #triedtested

  2. I'm a huge fan of wraps, I used them for my little girl and I will definitely do so for my new baby when she arrives in April. I can't afford £50 for one of these, but there are some great second hand alternatives available, I picked up a stretchy wrap for £20 second hand last time and I've since bought a ring sling as well, this was £12 second hand.


    1. Yes a bit costly but a great investment, I do love a wrap im converted! Always did but was scared that the baby would fall out! Hope everything goes well for you :) x

  3. I do love a good wrap! So comfortable!
    Thanks for linking up this week :)

  4. I heard about those when Miss T was born as I had gestational diabetes they needed to keep a closer eye on her and had said we may have to do the kangaroo care. As it turned out we didn't need to as she responded just to skin to skin contact. I have to admit i was a bit dissapointed as it sounds like such a lovely concept. I never did get around to buying one but the benefits seem really good. Lovely photos! #triedtested