Thursday 31 October 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful week 36

Some times I can find writing about what Ive been cheerful so hard. I spend ages wracking my brains about what I have been blessed and happy about in the past week but I start writting and it starts to come out. I start to pull my self up and realise I so blessed and so happy! Anyway this week has been a bit different we have been In Denmark and life has been a bit busy. Being on mission with small children and being heavily pregnant has not been easy but looking forward to getting home settling into a few days before our life turns around again.

1) We have been as mentioned before on a mission  trip to Denmark, We currently in a boarding school teaching and getting along side some teenagers. Its fun and rewarding seeing the kids share stories and surprised at how well they can speak English, remembering that when I was that age I could speak about 3-4 words if that in another language.

2) The kids have loved being in Denmark, the trip here went well and they slept well. I slept ok being heavily pregnant and on a coach. Pants has enjoyed the freedom of being able to walk round a school and do what he wants. Also Ami has enjoyed people making a fuss Danish students cooing and following her trying to pick her up and reciting a wallop from her. They do enjoy being around people so it has made this week easy on me not having to find stuff to do every day at half term.

3) We went to the most awesome pool here in Denmark, I have never seen such a clean changing rooms (although we were surpirsed at the culture of stripping off and having a shower before goign swimming) But the pool was great Center parc standard .Pants even jumped of 20 ft diving board and Ami loved toddling round a little pool with a slide and toys! They even had a climbing wall over one of the pools was good fun.

4) So one more say until my due date very scary how quick this pregnancy is going. I am so not ready and havent even sorted out childcare for the kids must do that. Cant believe I going to have another son soon! Name still hasnt been chosen yet but still have a maxiomum of 3 weeks before he is defo here!

5)  I head home tomorrow embarking on what could only be an uncomfortable journey home. Not looking forward to leaving my family in Denmark who are flying back Saturday (I cant fly back due to being too pregnant) I miss out on the kids first time on a plane but Im sure my husband will cope. Be nice to be home though.
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  1. hope your journey home went smoothy! Denmark sounds fab

  2. I hope the journey was good and your family enjoyed their flight. Mich x