Tuesday 29 October 2013

Denmark Trip Part 1 - Travelling to Denmark

I did It well we did it we survived a long coach drive to Denmark! We stocked up on food, drinks, games and toys and packed our mammoth amount of bags and we were ready to go. I started to get a bit nervous about what could go wrong but it was too late to back out so of we went.

Our mountain of stuff, Including bags in case new baby makes an appearance
We jumped on a Danish Coach to find out there was no seat belts! A little bit scary bearing in mind was about to travel for hundreds of miles but the coach driver came and strapped the car seat in by a ratchet strap so it was secure I was a little bit happier then.

Safely on the coach at long last!
Fortunately for us Ami fell asleep straight away which left us to try and calm and over excited Pants to sleep. He finally settled and 1 in the morning (5 hours after getting on the coach) and it was our turn to try and sleep! I had an awesome pregnancy pillow by theraline which was amazing, I managed to wrap it around me so I could sleep a little. The kids woke at 7 in the morning and we stopped somewhere in Germany for some breakfast! We were all hoping for a service station and junk but no the Danes pulled out there ready prepared breakfast and an abandoned car park.
Peters foot on show

The next few hours finally flew by and after traveling through many country's we gathered all our stuff to our accommodation. Pants was excited as there is bunk beds 3 beds high but disappointed he wasn't staying in with the big beds. We got to visit the school we are working in for the week and the sports gym where Pants, Ami and all the children played football and played on a massive bouncy castle.

Fun on a huge Inflatable
Ami has loved having loads of attention from Danish teenagers and has loved exploring the school. She has settled well and is enjoying Danish food!  We have had rough weather last few days which involved trees been blown over causing power cuts across the region. Crazy thought I had got away from the rough weather.

Football skills!

Were now planning lessons and teaching, I am incredibly uncomfortable at the moment back has been killing me but trailing through time is going quickly which means time till new baby is going quick! 10 days till due date and another four days in Denmark! 

Me and Pants got chased by these tractors!

We also went to an awesome swimming pool, they had flumes and climbing walls, even a little pool with loads of toys and a small slide in which Ami loved. Pants was even brave enough to jump of a 20 ft diving board. Funny being in a different country going swimming people were so brazen and one of the little girls we were with asked "why is everyone nude". It helped relieve some back ache in the hot pools which is a good thing. looking forward to a busy few days then homeward and baby bound!!


  1. It's amazing how you travelled with young kids, made sure they had fun and are expecting a baby any moment! Well done you and hope everything goes smoothly for the trip back.

    1. Thanks was a bit crazy at times but glad we went!

  2. Aaaww loving the pictures, looks like you are all having a fab time #PoCoLo

  3. Looks like the children had great fun and a very active time. #PoCoLo

  4. Looks like fun for all though I wouldn't fancy the coach journey #PoCoLo

  5. Crikey, that was a trek and a half but you look like you had a fantastic time :) Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x