Thursday 24 October 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful week 35

Life just rushes by sometimes, a blink of the eye and its the weekend when you were sure it was only Monday. I am in that season of life, everything seems to be rushing by and I am about 10 paces behind. In this sometimes it great to see the little blessings, the little achievements that the kids make, the nice thing someone does for you. Its nice to see in the madness of life were still happy! 

1) Its finally half term, Pants has been cranky this week think he is ready for a break. He has done well at school this year and has come along loads since being back from the summer holidays. 

2) I got sent a lovely Chocolate Fragrance from the body shop as a random gift of kindness, Its was very sweet and made me smile. especially being end stage pregnancy sometimes days can be a bit funny with all the hormones, the other day I smashed a Cath Kidston mug after I knocked it off the side with my bump!

3) We got to Denmark on Saturday not looking forward to a long journey but looking forward to a bit of time with the family and keeping busy for a week! Keeping my legs firmly crossed WILL NOT be giving birth abroad if I can help it! 

4) Ami continues to be a delight she has a new Cat soft toy in which she has become inseparable very cute! She has learnt more words and is such a little mimic at the moment! She is at a lovely age at the moment everyday she is doing something new. 

5) Ive recently come to the realisation I am going ot have a baby soon, I am looking forward to a baby that's still and doesn't squirm when changing nappy or trying to get dressed.

So heres our little list of good stuff why not join in yourself. 

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart


  1. Exciting times! Have a great trip and hope that baby stays put for long enough to come home ;-)