Thursday 15 August 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful week 23

Im very happy this week not sure why just in a good mood I suppose, In that good stage of pregnancy where your not too big but big enough to get a seat on a train (although the last two train journeys i didnt get a seat but that was choice lol). Been nice to enjoy a couple of summer days with the children and some friends been lovely. 

1) Lark in the Park Ramsgate starts tomorrow kicking of with a movie night! Exciting times! Lark in the Park is a free event for the community offering kids clubs, family evenings out, entertainment in the holidays all given free by the church! We love it its our third missional event of the summer, Its also where i met my husband four years ago. 

2) We have had a good few days after being busy for two solid weeks was nice and wierd for life to be on a little slower pace, we have been to out side play areas, beach,  inside play areas and Broadstairs folk week! 
3) We have realised how much Pants has grown up lately and his behavior has been so good its such a lovely change to me telling him of every two mins! Hes has really benefitted being a brother and loves playing with his little sister!

4) Ami carrys on being a monkey thinking she can do things her big brother does including going head first down a slide and grazing all her face! She makes us laugh so much she got a baby for her birthday so now we find her feeding the baby and dragging it around by its foot! poor baby number 3 to come!! 

5) Roll on the next 10 days busy but so much fun!! 


  1. Awww, lovely reasons to be cheerful :) xx

  2. Sounds full of fun! Hope it carries on x

  3. What lovely reasons. It's nice to enjoy a slower pace, even if only occasionally.