Thursday 8 August 2013

Cow and Gate Fruit pouches

One thing my little girl loves is pouches, She loves the independence of being able to feed herself with out any help (we like it as it creates little mess!). Recently we got sent some pouches from Cow and Gate to try they didn't last too long as Ami loved them so much had to remember to take a photo as they were gone in no time! We are often a busy family always on the move so something that fits in your bag and can be given with out to much fuss is perfect for us!

The pouches are great as they are 100% fruit and added vitamin c and they are one of your child's fruit and veg portion for the day! They also don't have any nasties or anything artificial which is always great to know when you give food to your child! They come in 6 different flavors which include: apple, apple and pear, apple strawberry and banana, apple and banana and a fruity mix! The Strawberry, Apple and Banana flavor was Ami's favorite

The pouches are suitable from 4-6 months so perfect for if you were to start weaning as they have a resealable top and can be put in the fridge if your baby doesn't eat it all! These little pouches are available in most major supermarkets and retail for around 79p which in my opinion is great value! If you want to find out more check out the Cow and Gate website or even like their facebook page for more info.

Disclaimer: We were sent the pouches for free in return for a review of the product, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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