Sunday 11 August 2013

Ami's Birthday Fun

We as a family tend to not do much for our birthdays, were happy being together and not too fussed about the faff in organising something! Although for Amis birthday I had thought about doing lots of things but most didn't materialise and with us being so busy we decided on a little tea party in the afternoon as we had church in the morning and we were leaving to go to Sidcup late afternoon so didnt have much time! I had got some decorations from Ebay and insisted on making a chalkboard with all her favorite things on as I had seen some in Pinterest and thought it was a great idea! I made some picture bunting and got loads of balloons! I also baked a cake and decorated it I was very impressed when it was done (very stressed making!). When Ami woke she loved the balloons and wanted to play with them for ages no interest in the presents, Pants enjoyed opening them for her! Ami had a lovely day and it turned out she had tonsillitis so was poorly but still happy!  

Here is some photos of the day!


  1. Aww lovely photos!!
    I love the chalkboard idea...Fab x

  2. Aww beautiful photos - Happy Birthday!! :)

  3. awww honey massive Happy birthday to Ami!! it looks like a really beautiful day :-)

    Thank you for sharing and linking up with #MagicMoments x

  4. Lovely photo's xx

  5. The chalkboard is a fabulous idea!