Thursday 29 August 2013

Pregnancy weeks 18 - 29

Im sorry i have not updated my pregnancy much lately, busyness and not much changing too much except getting bigger and more painful as each day goes on. So We found out we were having a boy which is exciting and now we are in the process of choosing a name for the little monkey. This has been hard as my husband has been wanting to carry on the initials of AFC but me not liking many A names, or others been taken by close friends! Then we were so busy over the summer and I am suddenly in the third trimester and not long at all to go!

When I was pregnant with Ami I had a strange craving that I would love the smell of bath bubbles! would sometimes even eat them! crazy or what, my midwife said it was to do with me being Anemic. Ive suddenly got these cravings back this pregnancy so much have low iron again!! Good times explains why im so tired (or is it that I am currently chasing round a 12 month old baby). 

Another thing that has been troubling me is hip pain! If I sit on the floor or a hard chair or even sleep I have been in so much pain! been getting worse as the pregnancy progresses, as I have never experienced anything like this it has been quite annoying! Anyone have any advice did you suffer with SPD in pregnancy? I think thats what it is, my last midwife appointment she said to wait and see. No help really when you in pain but its better the more I move so am trying to stay as active as possible! 

The fun continues with this extremely active baby! Another 10 weeks to go and I will be a mum of 3! scary times still have so much to sort out! Such as Cot, pushchair, clothes.... ok I dont have hardly anything!! oh dear!! Im sure it will get sorted in time!
Heres a recent Bump picture, excuse face I was pulling at my husband!! 


  1. I had spd with my last 3 pregnancies. I'm afraid it's a case of managing the pain, moving little and often and keeping your knees together whenever possible. You could try a pelvic girdle for support. I ended up on crutches every time. If possible hydrotherapy is brilliant. On the bright side your labour will probably be quicker and easier and the pain will go within days of the birth. Just stress to your midwives that you suffer from spd and make sure they are aware how far apart you can move your knees, just so they don't move you into a position that will cause long term damage. Sorry it's not amazing news, but think of the beautiful baby you will have at the end of this. Hugs x

    1. Thats fine its nice ti hear from your own experience! My midwife said it wasnt SPD although i think it is, she wouldnt refer me to anyone as she said Im too far gone and the baby would be born by the time I got some physio. Good times I look forward to it finishing although its crazy to think of another little monkey in the mix!