Wednesday 27 February 2013

were going to Disney!

not long till we leave! 27 hours exactly!

although do wish i was more organised as have everything to do tommorow! turn money into euros and pack a bag for Amelie, food for the journey and all that fun!

we did this last year a day trip to Disney  we collected the vouchers from the sun newspaper and it cost £25 for day tickets and the ferry! just have to pay tolls, parking, petrol but thats not a huge amount extra ..... oh wait it is! but its worth it for the crack of being up for 24 hours! traveling 4 hours there and back!

This year is alot different last year just had a 5 year old, now have the extra joy of a 7 month old baby (who had chicken pox) but that adds to the fun! so to make things a little easier have brought some pre made formula so only have to take bottles! but Disneyland is very baby friendly they even let you do a baby swap where you take it in turns to go on a ride rather than queuing up again! 

So best get my bum in gear and sort stuff out to take! 

need to become more organised! but not sure that will happen  anytime soon! 

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