Wednesday 20 February 2013

Welcome to the mad life of me!

Welcome to my blog!! i am  busy mum of two adorable (sometimes) children! Aston who is six and Amelie who is six months. life is very busy and is flying by way too fast so i decided to start a blog in order to record moments in our life and make new friends!

Enjoy being crafty (not in the cheeky sense but sometimesmaybe) and baking! Both of these I am not very good at but hey there’s no harmin trying!  I also have a passion to savemoney on everything I buy and have had some amazing savings! I'm married to aamazing man who makes me laugh very much his name is Matt and hes a freelancevideo producer so life is always fun!

Also a big thing about me i'm a Christian and live a life forthe King Jesus!

 So Enjoy and welcome to the mad house!!!

im new to this blogging so any help advice etc will be well appreciated! 

Much Love

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  1. Hello! I'm a fellow newbie blogger! I am also a young(ish) mum to two. I have a 2y.o little girl and 9m old little boy. Cute blog-I'll be following! You can find me at

  2. Thanks for the follow, nice to meet you!