Tuesday 26 February 2013

Busy busy tuesday! oh and chicken pox

i dread every Tuesday, well not so much the day but the swimming lessons in the evening! it always seems such a struggle just to get there! today we had a busy day on top just enjoying a bit of peace! watching super size vs super skinny on channel 4 (if you haven't seen it, its where an obese person swaps food with someone who is underweight!) very interesting it is! 

today we had a lady round from our local sure start center to register Ami on the system! then we went to a friends house who hosts a little baby club! from this to the first school run in ages, then to the park then the forty mins walk to our local swimming pool for Pants swimming lessons! argh then we were early had to wait for ages! but Pants did good today and was listening to the teacher always good to watch! although ive noticed he likes to stand behind the teacher so she crashes into her with her bum! what a cheeky boy! 

And to top it off today we found some spots on Ami that look alot like chicken pox! explains why she was so ill last week! oh well the fun never stops!

Does anyone have any remedies for Chicken pox?

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