Sunday 21 June 2015

Happy Fathers Day

I know for some people this can be a hard day, you may have lost a parent or never really had one in the first time. I know as a single parent I always stuggled on Fathers day. It wasn't till I met my husband now I realised how much honour is given where it is due.

So here is some things from the kids that I have heard them say recently, because I could sing his praises all day long. I may not always tell him how much I appreciate him taking good care of the kids when I work long days, that I know I don't have to think about them and just focus on work is such a relief. That I see how much you love your children and how much is returned and I am overwhelmed with happiness. As I said before getting lost in my confusing train of thought here is some things from the little monkeys.

Son Son is a boy of little words but the other morning when he come in our bedroom he noticed that Daddy is wasn't there so he said "Matt gone" which to him is the first time stringing two words together (yes he also refuses to say daddy if you ask him too he will try to give you a quick hit.

Ami well my hubs is her favourite by far and always is. She said "Daddy is my favourite, well also Noah" Or she will say how much she loves him and that he is the best. Funny thing my husband always wanted a girl, someone who could be his princess and who would love him a lot back. There is always a fight between Ami and Son Son when Daddy gets home from work over who gets to cuddle him first, they want all off him to themselves it is very funny to see.

We were so blessed when Asti met Matt  and kind of broke the ice between us and started what was to come. Matt has been the best Step Dad to Asti, especially when Asti's Dad is often not on the scene only every now and then. Asti had to say " Thanks for teaching me football and always making me laugh with your crazy dancing". His dancing is hilarious he made up this crazy squirrel dance but sadly would not let me film it.

He does amazing and shows all three children the same love, there are no favourites and all three know that they are loved. They know that they are loved no matter what they do, they are loved when they make a mess, they are loved when they have a tantrum in the street, they are so loved.

So Happy Fathers Day all you Dads, Grandad's, stepdads and all those who are like Dads, you do amazing jobs in your own special ways!

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