Saturday 13 June 2015

I am going to Britmums Live

I recently took the plunge and brought my ticket, after deciding if I was going to go or not I just took the plunge and paid for my ticket. I had a sponsor last year for this year but it fell through and being the wimpish blogger I am I didn't have the heart to find another. So here is a little insight into me, I am redicously shy so if you see me and I apart rude (this is what my hubby says) its actually because I am scared! 

Sorry I couldn't find many pics with out children in!!

  • Name - Sara
  • Blog - Mummy's Little Blog
  • Twitter ID @mummy_madness1
  • Height - 6ft 4 - 163cm 
  • Hair  - Brown
  • Eyes - Brown
  • Is this your first blogging conference? - No I have been been to Britmums last year, people may have seen me as the person slogging a baby round in a carrier, what a fool I was!!
  • Are you attending both days?  Yes I sure am I have no accommodation but looking to crash somewhere? 
  • What are you most looking forward to at BritMums Live 2015? Getting some passion back in blogging, learning new skills and meeting lots of fab bloggers. Two days away from the kids, although I do have to bring them up to London first to meet my hubby form work. 
  • What are you wearing?  Not decided yet Argh is that bad, dress first night , floral trousers second night. 
  • What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2015? Creativity and learning a lot of new stuff. Maybe some blogging friends, like the ones I see on instagram (such a loser me)
  • Do you have any tips to pass on to others who may not have been before? - Bring a empty bag for all the free stuff you can get. I went home with so much last year that I looked a right fool leaving and could not take my wine as everything was too heavy (wimp) 

So If you see me say hi, I do suffer with spurt out anything syndrome and often rather random. I actually looking forward to it, I hope I don't make too much of a fool meeting people and get some great opportunities out of it! 




  1. You sound just like me! I'm so shy. Why were you a fool with the baby?? I'm going with P3 this year...... Eeeep

  2. Couldn't take wine!!! You don't have to tell me twice :)

  3. You'll be fine. Second time is always easier. Say hi if you see me.

  4. It'll be fine!! I was ridiculously nervous the first year I went. Having just overcame pnd, I had an anxious moment in the ladies loos. Once I had cried a little about missing my baby, I was able to enjoy myself! I wasn't nervous the subsequent time. This time I'm bringing my new(ish) baby as I didn't want to inflict his wrath on the hubster. If I spot you, I'll say hi, you do the same ! :-)

  5. See you later, looking forward to it and nervous too!