Tuesday 2 June 2015

Guest Post - Gone to the Races

Today I have a guest post from the Lovely Lena from www.forayintofashion.com 

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It was recently my partners birthday and so of course I wanted to take him out. He's not one for pubs or clubbing so was looking for something different that wouldn't break the bank. We had driven past Henlow dog racing tracks before and both mentioned it was something we would like to try so imagine my excitement when I found a Groupon deal which for the measly sum of £8 would not only gain us both entry and game cards but would also provide a meal (a very greasy hot dog and chips, and they didn't even have onions) and a drink! Pretty fab deal! All in all a pretty cheap night out as we were only putting minimal bets on all the races.
So it was all arranged, little one went to his Nan's and we had the night to ourselves. I loved my outfit of jeans, beige cowboy boots, light pink floaty blouse, hooded cape, lots of jewellery and a fabulous beige hat. He’s not much for drinking so was happy to drive and off we went.
Now I have to say on the lead up I was very excited, it was to be a new experience and we do not go out very often.
We pulled into the so-called car park which was very busy and with bated breath we entered only to be very disappointed. Where was the atmosphere i was expecting? Where was the jovial excitement? I expected there to be loads of men in camel coats touting for bets on their soap boxes, however there were only 2 and neither lived up to the image I had in my mind as to what they would look like.
Once the racing began there was hardly any cheering or over the top pantomime booing. No one ripping up their betting stubs and dramatically throwing them to the floor when they lost. Though I admit I felt like doing so.
I was ecstatic to win, even though it was only about £1.30, it still got my blood pumping and my heart beat rapidly increasing. Of course my partner thought it was hilarious that I was excited about such a small win, but hey, it’s better than a kick in the teeth.
Would I go again? Probably, but that is more to do with the cheap night out than the actual excitement of dog racing!

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