Wednesday 24 July 2013

Being the wife of a Film Maker!

My husband may not be making huge budget films (or in fact any budget) but every thing he makes I am his biggest fan! Yesterday we were roped into being extras in his latest short film Hope flies! Hope Flies is about a young lady who ends up chatting to a homeless man who helps her view hope in light of a negative situation! We were filmed on the beach playing although hard trying to get the kids to not look at daddy with the camera! We enjoyed it though I had read the script and seen the rehearsal and was impressed with my husbands work, he is so creative and has an amazing talent! 

Although my husband said they were stopped a couple of times by inquisitive passers by and Pants shouting at him! The actors were of high quality which is helpful when its all done for free! I look forward to the future at times thease little glimpses of what is out there is exciting! Maybe one day he will be in LA or somewhere hot! I look forward to seeing the end result and sharing it with you all!

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