Sunday 7 July 2013

Jason Toothpaste Review

Not sure about you but my Son is such a nightmare to get him to brush his teeth! For years he just sucked the toothpaste of the brush and now at nearly 7 to brush teeth for anything longer than a minute is like an hour!!

So to make things easier a toothpaste that tastes nice is always an bonus! Pants has been using this toothpaste for a while and really likes it! I have even found him in the bathroom a few times brushing his teeth  because he like the taste so much. Although it does state kids only I also used it when we run out of our toothpaste! Sorry kids! It was pleasant and not so sickly as some children's toothpaste can be! Its made with natural and organic ingredients always great to hear! The great thing about it is that its wheat and gluten free, so good for people with certain intolerance's!  It retails for £3.99 on The Jason Website, but is cheaper on other websites bit steep for children's toothpaste but we as parents recommend only the best for the little monkeys!
Pants Enjoying Brushing his teeth! 

Ami brushing with her own toothpaste

Disclaimer: We were provided Jason toothpaste as part of a goodie bag, all thoughts and opinions are our own! 

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