Friday 10 March 2017

The Big Red Bucket Stickle Bricks Review

I dont know if you are familiar with stickle bricks? but for me I remember playing with them when I was in primary school and I used to make houses and birthday cakes. SO when my little ones were offered the chance to try them out I just knew they would love them. 

We were sent the Stickle Bricks Red bucket that comes with a variety of different shapes that are all bold bright colours they couldn't wait for me to open the box so they could play. I am not joking since we opened they have played with them almost daily creating lots of different designs. The box is aimed at children aged 18 months and over and my two little ones at 3 and 4 have really loved them. I wonder why now we have never had any before. They have since made many different designs and actually similar to me as a child many birthday cakes.

The Stickle bricks are great for children of all ages especially if they love building things and stacking. For little hands it creates dexterity and imagination through creative play. The bright colours and different textures make it inviting for smaller children to play with. What I love about this set is a box that it can be put away in and kept safe and together. The blocks are so easy to assemble too which means it can literally be played with by anyone.

I think its easy to see from our review how much we have all enjoyed playing with the stick bricks. Im even thinking of adding to our collection because they have loved them so much.

This set The Stickle Bricks Red Bucket retails at £19.99 which I think is a amazing price for what you get. They are available at most toy retailers and perfect for children aged 18 months plus.

Evolution PR are currently running a Stickle Bricks campaign to get them into Nursery Schools in the UK.  To nominate your nursery to receive a special educational Stickle Bricks kit send an email to

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