Tuesday 3 May 2016

May bank holiday - swimming cars and Nandos

It's Tuesday already huzzah I fee like ice missed my Monday washing day completely and it's a step closer to the weekend again. We have had quite a busy weekend and the kids are well and truly shattered (I say the kids more me I need a good day of sleeping). It's been ok weather a little bit chilly at times but nice to spend time together as a family. I worked on Saturday and my husband played football so the little ones went to see Nanna for a few hours. It was a lovely sunny day though so they enjoyed a trip to the park. 

Sunday we went to church in the morning followed by a cheeky Nandos. I always like the idea of nandos but it seems to send the kids crazy with the loud music and crazyiness of the place. We like it there because we get a 20% NHS discount so we feel like we have saved a little. We have worked it out to al eat for £20 not bad for a family of five only £2 more expensive than when we eat at Mac Donnalds. Sorry that was really boring to read I just ramble on sometimes. 

We came home and chilled for a few hours before getting ready to go swimming in the evening. I was not looking forward to going swimming in the evening as I am very much a wimp but knew the kids would love it. It was 6pm and we were mad to go out in the cold to swim but thankfully the little ones didn't mind too much and we couldn't get Asti out the pool. Deffo outside pool swimming is only to be done when in 30 degree heat and sometimes not even then!! 

Ami and son son had enough and that was by far the worst bit getting out the warm pool. They were crying but the promise of some sweets soon calmed them down. Son son played a funny trick by hiding in the lockers.

Was a fun evening and everyone got into bed at around 10pm sadly they were up at 7am the next morning, not much of a lie in from them. We planned to go to the Bangor racing over at Dover which my husband has been going on about for years. We finally found the place it was foggy and raining but everyone was in good spirits to see some car racing. Son son was glued to the fence at the beginning with excitement of seeing the cars. My personal favourite was he can racing one of the races a van was driving round with half of it missing. After a few hours with freezing cold feet and hands it was time to go. I was a little bit sad but as I didn't want to miss the destruction derby but grateful to get in a warm car. 

Was a different way to spend a bank holiday Monday. Asti wasn't overly interested and would rather play football but did watch some races. We went with some of our friends so least had good company to keep warm with. We came home and had chips from the chip shop.

All in all a great weekend so grateful for the two family days together. 

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