Thursday 12 May 2016

Random old update from me

Here's a little update for me sorry again been rather quite. Here's a picture of a local sunset it's glorious isn't it

Nothing much has changed in the last few weeks, with isn't any busier and life is very much the same. But all off a sudden I was forgetting who I was once more. The dark colder days making me feel trapped. That old depression trying to force its way back in. It must be a winter thing I never feel as bad in the summer. It's hard to get out you have to pack a small amount for every eventuality.

Now the sun has started to shine and we can leave with out our coats on I feel somewhat some relief. The kids can go outside and I get a little bit more peace. We can explore anywhere and when I finally pass that sodding driving test then go anywhere. I cut down on blogging too I used sit at the screen with nothing to say. Half written posts and lack of ideas. I used to love blogging I still do but I don't have the effort like I used to. I flit in and out and that suites me fine at the moment. 

I love reading back on my old posts it often shows how far my writing has come. I have got bad dyslexia and dyspraxia so often my sentences don't make sense to anyone but me. One day I might take it up full time again but for now I am happy. I'm not blogging for stats I'm blogging for me. It's taken three years to get like that. Years of disappointment and feeling discouraged by the amount of effort I have put in.  Sad really but that's what we get ourselves trapped into.

That's my random post for the week lol I am ever so random in in conversations I'm 10 times worse. Now I need to get myself out of bed as my hubby is moaning again to the kids (mums still in bed go wake her up). 

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  1. I've been feeling much the same as you in regards to well, everything actually. Hope you enjoy a little blogging break it's nice to dip in and out xx