Tuesday 8 March 2016

My week of photographs 22nd Feb - 28th Feb

Sorry got a bit behind with my photo uploads. No reason at all just have been chasing netflix and a early night over spending nights with my mac. Sorry to my regular reader.

Monday 22nd Feb - Park Days

My eldest found his scooter so desperatly had to go after school. It has got a lot harder with three children wanting to be in different places. Nice to have lighter evenings and sunshine. 

Tuesday 23rd Feb - More Park and more Park

Yet again we were back at the park. My husband left us for Denmark for a few days so we were up bright and early. This is Ami attempting some of the ramps on her balance bike. 

Wednesday 24th Feb - Chilling

We spent most the day at home not really doing much. Ami and Son son can be such a hoot. Here was me trying to get a photo of them to send to Daddy. 

Thurday 25th Feb - Days off

I had a whole day to myself!! which I actually found disturbing to a point. So unused to it so I brought my self a massive breakfast and spent the day in bed watching netflix. I was missing my husband alot so didn't really enjoy it as much as I hoped. 

Friday 26th - Brinner for Dinner

Me and Ast had some time to kill before getting the babies so of we snuck for a cheeky fry up. Was nice to spend some time with him before getting the little ones from nursery.

Saturday 27th - Daddys Home

Everyone was super pleased to have Daddy home. They both argued over who could cuddle him the most. 

Sunday 28th - Broadstairs

We went for a walk to Broadstairs which was super cold so off we went for a quick Ice cream (which is perfect when its a cold day apparently). Nice to break up the day and get some fresh air into the little ones. 


  1. We love trips to the park! The photo of your kids on the bed is so cute x

    1. Thanks yes that was my fave too. Me too now it's not so cold!