Tuesday 1 December 2015

Adventures on Windy Days

When you are an outdoors person there is nothing worse than being indoors all day long. I love to be outside, I find that it helps to ground me, get me away from the monotony of the same old washing routine. Some days I need to get out, feel the fresh air on my face and forget about the pile of washing up in the sink, the million stains on the carpet and have a bit of fun with the little ones. The toddlers enjoy being outside, they play nicely and generally like to be outside.

We did our usual lets walk to the beach with the spades trip, which always involves it being high tide and the toddlers cross because the tide is in. It was so windy the tide was right on the prom, they were both afraid to get too close and stuck by the walls. This concluded our time at the beach so off we went looking for something to fill a bit of time before walking back home. It was sunny but with gusts of 50 MPH it was cold. We ended up in a shelter where it was warm at least, we stayed there for a bit before bracing the cold walk home. Made me realise I must go out more, no matter how cold. Everyone loved it, everyone was in a better mood for it. Just need to put on our 600 layers and just get on with it.

Check out the photo's I captured whilst out, yes I actually had the big camera with me too.


  1. Such lovely photos, clearly loving their outdoor time, although completely understandable why you didn't stay at the beach long! It's really wild and windy here at the moment too, along with the rain I don't think well get out today, not so nice having 50mph wind blowing rain into your face! I really need to take my big camera out more often with me, you captured some fab shots on yours!
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather :) x

  2. I so agree with you about outdoor time keeping you grounded. I go mad if I'm inside for too long. You can't beat a good blustery, winter beach day either! I think the beach is perfect all year around! Your pictures are so lovely. Thank you so much for linking to #whatevertherweather. xx