Tuesday 2 April 2013

6 hour car journeys - Fun Games help!

So on Thursday we head down to Minehead to take part in a Christian event called Spring Harvest (currently where my husband is atm). Travel there takes 6 hours so looking for fun things to do in the car! We had a huge problem this week Pants dropped his ipod on the floor and shattered the screen! oh dear we wondered how long before he broke it.

so our usual Games with Pants;
-Spot the colour of the car win a point (Pants getting a bit old and also a big cheater
-I spy (although not really a time waster)
- Sleeping lions (this is what i plan to play if the kids let me!)
-Rap battle, usually one me and my husband do he puts on an instrumental and we have a rap battle, its very funny and makes time go quicker
-how much road kill can we see (maybe a bit drastic!)

But then we have also Ami who is eight months who may also hopefully sleep most the way! Although shes pretty chilled out so would be happy either way! joy! We did it not to long ago to Disneyland so im sure it will be fine! Although this time no ready made formula that spills everywhere wrecking nappies, ds and everything else!

If you have any fun games you play in the car let me know! we can try them out!

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