Thursday 16 March 2017

Making Mothers day Cards with Gel-A-Peel

Did you know its mothers day on Sunday? It comes round so quick every year and what doesn't a mum love the most... Home made cards! I personally would rather a homemade card anyway over a shop brought one. I love the effort my little ones put into making them just as much as the card it self.  My eldest Son wasn't too impressed he said "why isn't there a kids day?" I did tell him everyday is a kids day!!

We were recently sent a set from Gel-A-Peel with the incentive of getting the children to make some cards using the set. We had seen the set advertised on the telly and did not even think to use it to make cards with. We were sent the Pearly Pastels range which consisted with 3 tubes of the Gel and interchangeable nozzles that you can use to make different effects of the Gel.

We had not used the Gel-A-Peel before but before long they were seasoned pros creating colourful designs on there cards. In the pack also contained Gel tray where you can put the Gel into moulds to create beautiful flowers and other designs. The Gel sets and creates a beautiful 3D effect which they enjoyed touching when dry.

All my children made a card from ages 3 to 10 all with ease and not requiring some help. My eldest son  Asti even had a go at making some jewelry. This set contains some stencils to help you make bracelets too. Although the end results they needed another go to perfect the opening clasp!!

All in all I was very pleased with the cards, they let me have a quick glimpse before they hid them for Mothers day.

This set retails at £19.99 and is perfect for crafting onto cards. I say the results came out much better than I originally thought. Why mot get  Gel-A-Peel set and have a go yourself.

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