Thursday 16 February 2017

Happy 4 Years of Blogging

SO I only just realised the other day that it has come up to my 4 years of blogging mark. How did that happen. I started this little blog when my Ami was only 6 months old as more of a hobby to keep my mind going whilst on Maternity leave at university. Little did I know that I would find that I love writing so much and really get into it. Sadly the last year I haven't put too much effort into my blog. I have been working more nights and I find that they leave me drained and with few evening in its hard to fit the time in. I have found I have missed typing away at a computer, It was only when I was writing some reflections for work I was thinking what ever happened to my blog.

A lot has changed in that four years were have added Son Son to the family which has been a crazy ride as you can see if you read through some of my older posts. I also started work as a nurse and finally finished university. Ami recently started school and we have been blessed with holidays and lots of fun things. My eldest son is now 10 which doesn't seem right! All in all we have been very fortunate in the last few years.

Asto - He is 10 now cray cray (we still can't get him to have a haircut) 

I love reading my old posts it makes me realise when I started how bad my sentences where and how did I ever get through uni like it. Being dyslexic starting a blog was one of the most beneficial things I could have done to improve the way I see words and the formation of sentences. Its sad really but although sometimes I haven't proof read my own work (mainly because I can't see my own errors) but with reading of others I can see where I have gone wrong. I use capitals and not ever sentence ends with an exclamation mark!

Ami - She is 4 and very bossy and defo in charge of the two boys. She is such a powerhouse and extremely independent. 

That bit was ever so boring I am sorry about that! Like seriously who cares about dyslexia.. one thing I have loved is sharing our photos with you all. Its a ongoing learning opportunity for me overtime I pick the camera up I feel I am getting that little bit better. I love taking photos and am forever pushing myself to try something different. We are blessed to have a good camera and I should use it more.

Son Son - is now 3 how mad is that. He is equal measures of cheeky and cute. He is also very funny but he tells us of for laughing al the time. 

I will blog more from now on, maybe on my nights I should write a post instead of watching trash (usually tattoo fixers) on my breaks. I have missed writing up our adventures and have been using Instagram as a micro blog but thats not really the same is it.

SO here I come to the end of my long rambling random post. I bet if you were a regular reader you have missed it right. The way my mind jumps when typing must make my posts a interesting read its most probs the reason why I never became a massive mega  blogger.. Thank you for being part of the journey. Thanks for reading this far. To those who have stuck by me and been part of the online community I thank you for your patience and friendship.


  1. Congrats on the four years blogging....
    I have been blogging a little over four years and it really doesn't seem like it. Time flies when you're having fun x

  2. Congrats on 4 years, I'm coming up to my 4 years mark too! :) #bestandworst

  3. Happy 4 years blogging, here's to the next four eh!! Thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst please do stop by again!