Wednesday 11 May 2016

Mr Frosty Review


Back in my childhood days even into teenage years there was one toy that I wanted every birthday and summer. It was one that my parents would say I would never use but my childhood self would have used it every day. It would have made me the coolest kid at school being able to have slushy at home. If you are wondering what I am rambling about, yes I am talking about the Mr Frosty. It looks just like how it did (through the box) like when I was a child.

The children were exciting they didn't know quite what it was, but the cool little penguin was enough to get them super excited. I got all the piece and explained what it was all about and before we knew it they had Mr frosty in a ice grip (jokes) and was churning him up to created crushed ice. In the box contained a wonder of things to create frozen specials. A trio of ice cream moulds, 2 trays for ice cubes, two small plastic bowls, two little spoons that connect to Mr Frosty's arm and or course Mr Frosty himself and the tray compartment. Mr Frosty's hat also comes out to help press down on the ice that is about to be crushed.

The first time I used it I had not read the instructions which said to leave the ice cubes resulting in some very strong muscle arms whilst we kept on churning the ice. It is easy enough to use just take of Mr Frosty's Hat and pour the ice, turn the handle at the back and hey presto you have crushed ice. Hey presto add some squash and you have yourself your very own slushy perfect for a summers day.

Its perfect for all this lovely weather that we have had. The trio have been a lifesaver, I've just filled them up with watered down fruit juice and a refreshing treat on these hot days. We also used the ice moulds with fruit juice to make a different snack in the hot weather. All the little ones wanted to do was put it back in the Mr Frosty machine and crush it all. I love that it does not come with all the unhealthy syrups, this was really why my parents would not let me have it in the first place. The handle has also been made alot easier for little children to use too.

Me and the children have loved using it and can see it been an essential hot summers day product.

The toy retails at around £19.99 and is available in most toy retailers such as smyths and The Entertainer.

Find out more about Flairs range of products via there website here over at the cool create club. .

Don't for get to join in the Twitter Frenzy happening later on today from 5:30 - 6:30. Look out for the hash tag #lovemrfrosty and hosts @ukmumstv and @coolcreateclub its going to be fun. See you there later.

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