Tuesday 31 May 2016

Me and mine - May

Here is our me and mine Photo for May it's a phone photo I took the other day on the way to a festival. We have been very slack at our family photo and I haven't even touched a DSLR for weeks. Will deffo get back on that next month. Our family photos have been something we have done for the last 2 and a half years it seems very strange to not have posed in front of a tri pod. Sometimes life is just too busy, the times your together you are so busy cherishing that time the thought of taking a photo is the last thing on your mind. We took last months me
And mine photo too and I never even posted it. Doh. 

It doesn't help that my husband has been using the cameras meaning I have not had one at home to use. I remember when he got his new camera he said I could use the old one but somehow the use two cameras is important for filming. Anyway less of me rambling we have just spent the weekend camping and were about to go on holiday Saturday. We will have to be more intentional next month!!

This month Daddy is loving 
- Filming the main events at a music festival.
- Camping with the family however mad and early it can be. 
- Arsenal coming above Spurs in football. 
- The warmer weather and getting outside in the conservatory. 

Mummy is loving -
- Camping with the family not the 5 am starts, we did so much walking but so much fun. 
- Sunny days and getting on the beach, although not the days when I have been in work and it's sunny.
- Having weekends off and going to fun places.
- Preparing for our holiday I am beyond excited.
- Watching my husband on the camera for a big Music Festival was deffinatly a proud mement. 

Asti is loving -
- Camping and the freedom of roaming around playing football all weekend.
- Having a mobile phone he used all the credit up in just a few days the wally. 
- Half term and having time not at school.
- New Tom Gates book he has taken it everywhere. 

Ami is loving -
- Camping at Big Church Day out and staying up really late. She really did have the best time.
- seeing Guvna b and apparently Justin Beiber too. 
- Getting school uniform and seeing her new school. 
- Seeing her friends and going round to there houses. 

Son Son is loving - 
- Talking a lot more and making us laugh with new sayings especially "Drink biscuit Dummy Muzzy now". 
- obviously Big Church and sleeping in a spiderman bed. 
- Riding his bike he is actually rather fast now.

So that is that for this month, maybe we will pop down to the beach later and add a few more photos. I really love the photos that we take. Although it's 50 MPH winds out there I can hear it rattling the house. So wait and see. 

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