Wednesday 15 April 2015

Easter Picnics #betterwithcake

The weather has been lovely this Easter holidays it's been such an blessing. We have had plenty of little picnics in th garden and out and about. For us this holiday has been spending time together, weather it be the park, beach or even just hanging in the garden it really has been lovely. I think now I'm back to work annual leave can be precious and making memories with the kids is something I hope they will treasure.

With my husband busy with work we didn't let us stop us, I made sure we could do things that catered them all with out them asking for the TV or iPads. Some days we failed and the kids didn't want to do the craft activities or play in to the garden, but the majority of the time we spent having a good time. I remember from my childhood days spent on the beach, my dad bringing fish and chips and us going home at sunset. They really were beautiful days and a reason why I love the beach forced down every day, my mum like me trying anything to keep the kids entertained. 

One thing that does make a day awesome is some cake, any cake actually my whole family will agree. It can be any if there's cake you will find us. We were sent some Mr Kipling cakes in which I had to hide as my husband would eat the majority in next to no time. After our busy holiday me and the kids just wanted to chill at home so we decided to have a little picnic in the garden mainly so I could catch up with washing and the kids were shattered. 

I put some of the Mr Kipling cakes on a plate and when I showed the kids they went crazy, French fancies, Vietnamese whirls but wait where where the cherry bake wells? Daddy had found the stash and had eaten them already! The sunshine was so lovely the the three of my children were enjoying the cakes, also sharing them too son son didn't like the French fancies but Ami did so they would swap. Before we knew it the cake was all gone and the children were hyped up on the sugar. We enjoyed the last of the spring sun before heading indoors, back to demanding TV and tablets. I really enjoy my kids , I love seeing them play it brings me such joy. 

We have loved our holidays still a few days left, but it has been beautiful memories and lots of outside play. The kids have had a blast and I hope they do remember it because it's been a good one.

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  1. Looks like you had a great time, and cake does make things better doesn't it, especially a picnic!

  2. Life is all about making memories in my opinion. Lovely post. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  3. We didn't get the free cake, but we bought some to take part in this linky. You can never have too much cake! #weekendbloghop

  4. Looks like a lovely day:) I'd have snaffled too many vienese whirls though! yum x

  5. I was looking for your blog the other day and only just realised that you have changed it to this! I love the new name and the new look Sara :) This post is so lovely - Mr Kipling cakes completely remind me of my childhood. Great to see you and thank you for linking to #PoCoLo xx

  6. Looks like you all had a fab time! I have to hide the treats in this house or my OH eats them all! He would have eaten the Cherry Bakewells too!
    Thank you for linking up with the #WeekendBlogHop

    Laura x x x