Monday 25 August 2014

Trutex Uniform Review

If you are anything like me you leave everything to the last minute especially school uniform. Nothing beats a big queue in clarks for shoes and searching for the last pair of aged 7 trousers. So thankfully we were sent this school uniform from Trutex to review. My son is 7 and loves football so if anyone was to put it through its paces it was going to be him. He had the uniform on 3 minutes and was off playing football in the mud, which I coaxed him out to get some pictures of the uniform. 

The first thing I noticed was how thick the trousers were, often most trousers especially boys seem to be paper thin and not made to last the playground games. Also these seem lovely for the extra warmth when winter comes upon us again. Also the quality of the jumper seems alot better than his branded school ones which in recent years have shurnk a few months down the line. We went for bottle green as his infant and junior school are the same colour meaning it can last the transition when as he moves. I think the uniform looks smart too (as well as a 7 year old can look). 

What Pants had to say about the uniform "I like it doesn't have the school label, so I wont loose it. The Jumper makes me look chubby" He also said it was comfortable and looked forward to wearing it. Not sure where he got the chubby bit from the monkey. I remembered we had Trutex uniform growing up as my mum could pass it down between me and my sisters and it would last well. 

Trutex have produced a ‘Back to school guide’ for parent.  You can pick these up from your local Trutex retailer they have lots of advice and information from leading experts such as the Nspcc, Beat Bullying, The Children’s Food Trust and many more.

The poloshirts and sweatshirts are available in other colours other than those I choose and you You can find your nearest stockist of Trutex School Uniform here You can also find more of the Trutex school uniform range available too.  

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  1. That sounds like a great uniform.....Your son looks very smart.