Saturday 16 August 2014

Nine months in Nine months out - Little Bears Birth Story

Nine months has flown by so I thought it would be the right time to share how my little baby boy came into the world. My first two children were both born at 41 weeks on a Saturday so when I knew my little boy was due on a Saturday I knew to wait another week like the first two. Even though there was a good chance that I would be late there is always that little chance that maybe he may come on time, I was suffering such back ache that I was looking forward to having my little baby in my arms.

Then the Saturday came round and nothing, with my 2nd pregnancy I was in slow labour having little pains and wondering when it was all going to start but with this one nothing. I started to get a few niggles but nothing to write home about. By this stage I was so upset as I kind of wanted them all to be born on a Saturday all 41 weeks, also I had not gone past this point so was unsure on what would happen, I hadn't had a sweep and was booked for one in the week and really did not want it. 

That evening I was down so my friend invited me over to watch some cheesy tv and take my mind of me not having a baby, and some little pains were coming but nothing consistent. I went home and it all stopped, so after a little cry I went to bed. Before I knew it I was wide awake and this was the labour pains I could remember. I woke my husband up and said we need to get to the hospital. This was 1:30pm and my sister was on standby with the older two so I called her and my mum. I always love that part going to hospital I do not know why, some ladies love a home birth but me I love the clinical side, I love pulling into the car park just the two and coming out as a three. We call up the local MLU (Midwife led unit) and thankfully they are quiet and have a room with a pool so of we set to meet our little boy.

By this time the pains are coming quick and fast, we park on the outskirts to save on parking. A little walk but just making sure the labour is going steady. A 5 min walk must have taken 15 mins and me trying to go as quick as I could. We get into the hospital and my mum had been waiting ages, we head to the MLU and get greeted into our birthing room. The midwife asks a questions how the labours going etc, and checks everything is ok and then I go the option of a water birth. I was looking forward to it as I always wanted to try it, I loved baths during pregnancy so what better way to labour. They ran the bath and but this time I was in need of pain relief the midwife brought me some gas and air and in the pool I went. 

The time now was 2:45am and to me it seemed like hours, whilst I was floating around the pool trying to get comfortable. What surprised me the most I had no examinations so had no clue how far I was, how long I had left. I remembered being in labour alot less with Ami and was worried why nothing was progressing as quick. I found the pool a bit stressful, I couldn't find a way of being able to breath whilst enduring a contraction. My legs were all over the place and I was panicking. My mum and hubby were there but I couldn't concentrate.

The clock hit 3:10am and I felt the familiar feeling of pushing, It was so painful more so than Ami. She just slid out I heard the midwife gasp and hit the button on the wall. This frightened me and I asked if he was back to back, I was so worried but knew I had to get this baby out no matter what. My waters still hadn't broken and with one extremely painful push Little bear was born, he had the cord around his neck twice and had passed meconium stools as he was panicking too. When we was born I was so happy, it was a hard labour but worth it, to see that small baby boy we had made. His perfect finger and toes, his beautiful face and big eyes. He opened his mouth and cried so loud he was not pleased at all. I passed him to my hubby who had the biggest smile ever, he really was so sweet and I got out the rather disgusting waters to push out the placenta. The midwife was shocked how long the cord was, she said she had never seen one so long. 

It was a beautiful end, every little pain is worth it to get to hold that little baby. Nothing prepares you for the love you get from seeing your child for the first time. So special and I hope to never forget that time. He was born 41 weeks and 1 day, one more than his brother and sister but its crazy they are all within 24 hours of each other. Little bear weighed 7lb and 14 oz, Pants was 7lb 15 and Ami 8lb all rather 3 rather similar. We had to stay in hospital for 8 hours which was so strange. What do you do with just a little baby, We tried to enjoy a bit of quiet but actually couldn't wait to get home. 

Here below is some photos of after Little bear was born, warning some are a bit gross but lovely all the same. Also my hubby had a mustache as it was Movemember time!


  1. Your babies obviously need 41 weeks. Just shows that due dates are a bit of a nonsense. Sounds like a very fast labour too.

  2. What a lovely post, your babies obviously need that extra week to prepare themselves for the outside world! What beautiful photos of Little Bear. Popping in from Magic Moments.

  3. Ahh Little Bear was a gorgeous new baby! #whatsthestory

  4. oh honey what a beautiful post and even more beautiful pictures, i am so pleased all was well with both of you.

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments (sorry i am late to pop over)