Friday 22 August 2014

Long Car Journeys - Help needed

On Monday we are going on holiday to France all fun but the travel was not thought out! I like to travel through the night less hastle for babies and long journeys making them cross and bored, but we are traveling all day! boo! So Any tips/ help/ advice will be greatly received. Here is a few of my ideas but I hate long car journeys!

so our usual Games with Pants;
-Spot the colour of the car win a point (Pants getting a bit old and also a big cheater
-I spy (although not really a time waster)
- Sleeping lions (this is what i plan to play if the kids let me!)
-Rap battle, usually one me and my husband do he puts on an instrumental and we have a rap battle, its very funny and makes time go quicker
-how much road kill can we see (maybe a bit drastic!)

But then we have also Little bear who is 9 months may also hopefully sleep most the way. He will be fine its the 2 year old I o not hold much hope for. She hates little car journeys so I really hope it will go well. here is some of the things for Ami and Sonny.
-Food food and more food (can never have enough)
-lots of juice and drinks for Ami and everyone else
-Colouring and sticking (Ami loves that may keep her quiet for a little bit)
-Frozen/ peppa pig on loop if we can borrow a portable dvd player
-Little toys and games

So please think of us on Monday as we travel with all the kids, my poor husband is desperate for the break it should be fun.

If you have any fun games you play in the car let me know! we can try them out!


  1. Oh wow your brave! How about a different kind of eye spy? So you make up a sheet of things you'll see on the journey so your always working towards the next point on the journey


  2. Definitely, DEFINITELY stick to sleeping lions - The greatest game that was ever invented!! Tbanks for linking up #FamilyFriday

  3. I feel really sorry for you, travelling with kids is the worst part of getting any where. My 2 year old has just started getting travel sick and any journey over 2 hours leads to vomit. I always make sure my iPhone is charged up with a loads of stuff on it for the kids to watch so whilst one sleeps the other can have it, the trouble comes when they are both awake!

    Good luck and I hope you all have a great time away.

  4. sticker and colouring books go down well with my son. kids song cd on to sing along to or kids story books on cd to listen to. maybe a check list of things they might see on the journey? good luck :) #WeekendBlogHop

  5. Oh gosh, good luck! My daughter is two and we've had a few hour-long bus journeys lately. We love to look out the window for all the things we can spot. I think that's probably easier on the bus than in a car though.
    Thanks for linking up with #WeekendBlogHop!

  6. Hope the travelling is going well , I don't envy you the journey but hopefully the fun you will have in France will make up for it! xx #familyfriday