Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Vampirina Boostatic Backpack and Scooter Review

My children have been kept busy this summer with a wild range of toys. Not only has it been Amis birthday but she also has been sent lots of wonderful toys. One of Ami's favourites has been some toys from the Vapirina set. If you are not aware of Vampirina its a animated series on Disney Jounier. Its based on a vamire eho is also a ballarena. Its based on Vapirina who along with her family run a B&B guest house for ghouls and other monsters. 

With that we were sent the Vapirina Bootastic Backpack aling with Poppy (one of yhe other characters in the show) sooter. Both Ami was ever so excited with she loves anything to do with bags so the idea of a toy she can play with and espeically show her love for school with she was going to love.

The Boo-tastic Backpack includes the backpack that is similar to the one in the show. Vampina is very funky and wears spider web glasses that are contained in the bag set. In the set there is also a necklace with sounds and lights, bat shapped har clips, key ring that attaches to the bag and some stickers. The great thing is that they can all be stored in the bag too. 

The backpack is made of plastic and the straps are adjustable. It opens at the back and can store quite a few little bits. I dont know if you have children like mine that take the most random of toys around. Ami loved the bat hair clips along with Son son who didnt want to miss out. Ami loves dressing up so the glasses were a great addition to aid role play. They loved the skull necklace that played sounds when pressed. 

We were also sent the figurine set, there is two in the collection Vamprina and a Poppy set. Both sets come included with a litte furry animal. We were sent the Poppy and Wolfie set. The sets contain a scooter, a figure, pet and skateboard (for the pet). They both attach together so in our toy Poppy could scoot along with her dog Wolfie. The figures can easily slot into the scooters as have a static base. Poppys ars are movable along with her heads. Its easy to put her on the scooter along with wolfie. 

Both the toys are great for any Vapirina fan. They toys are bright and eye catching. The back pack espevislly for any child who really wants to be like the TV show. The bag retails at £24.99 which is reasonable for the aount of stuff in it. The figure and scooter Retails at £14.99 and both toys are availble at most toy shops.

Vampirina Toy review

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