Thursday 2 August 2018

Celebrating Friendship with Baby Annabell

Ami and her best friend are baby mad. Literally, both absolutely adore babies. They both love baby Annabell too and between them have most properly all the collection. When we were asked to review an Annabell to celebrate friendship I knew they were the perfect pair. We were sent an interactive baby Annabell along with a card with friendship bracelets. I asked Ami who she wanted to give it too and her friend Milly was first on the list. 

Ami was in her element she loves making cards for her friends and always her and her friend Milly are sending letters to each other. One thing I love is how much they love babies, they both have the same doll and are sharing clothes and bottles. So off we went to the beach and we took Annabell and the card for her friend. They were both overjoyed and Annabell was dressed in a coat seriously that baby has a lot of clothes already. 

Another member who loves babies is Son Son. He is forever being the Dad to all the games. He now has to be both the babies dads... Thankfully he is not at the age where he really understands what that actually means. At the moment he is just the dad to all the babies. 

We have lots of baby dolls in our house I think maybe near the twenty mark over the years but none quite like Baby Annabell from Zapf Creation she is brilliant. She requires batteries (that are not supplied) and is fully interactive. Ami and Son Son were over the moon.  She comes complete with some lovely little accessories and is wearing a really lovely outfit. Ami loves a baby doll that is the same size as a real baby. Annabell is also heavy so it feels like the real deal.

So what actually does Baby Annabell do? She does everything. She gurgles and laughs when you cuddle her, slurps on her bottle which can be used with water (she also wee's if you sit her on the potty and press her tummy much to son son's delight ) she also burps to let you know when she is all done. She sucks on her dummy and her little mouth actually moves like a real baby it’s so clever! You can wind her and rub her back to make her burp.  

But it’s not all fun and games, rather like a real baby she sure does cry and even has real tears. It's all very life like I've found myself burping Annabell and thinking what am I doing! Annabell comes with a nappy too which Ami loved she changed the baby about ten times in a row. 

Baby Annabell was a huge hit with both of my little girls they absolutely love her. Priced at £49.99 she might not be the cheapest of Dolls but is worth it. Annabell is such good quality to she will be around for many years.  Obviously, we have had interactive dolls before but I don’t think that we have had one that does quite as much or looks quite as realistic. She really does look and feel like a real baby. 

Ami and Son Son have loved Annabell and still do. They play with her all the time taking it in turns to feed her then put her on the potty. Ami now wants more Annabell toys for her birthday were getting quite the collection. 

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