Monday 19 February 2018

Gelentines Valentines Craft with Gel-A-Peel

We love a craft project in our house and we are forever looking for new ideas for things to do. We were sent some of the new kits from Gel-A-Peel. If you are a regular reader you will see we have worked with Gel-A-Peel before and quite frankly we love it.

 With it being the month of love the kids were asked to make some Valentine's cards for friends and lovers. The gel sets into a hard texture with creates a 3D effect to a card. We were using some new sets that we haven't used before. We were using the fuzzy kit which comes with a pot of fuzz that you add to the Gel to give a different effect when dried. The other set

If you have not heard of Gel a Peel its a lot of fun. It comes in different coloured tubes and you can use it to make jewellery or as we done crafting. The wonderful thing is when it dries it becomes like a rubbery texture. Each set comes with different shaped nozzles that attach on the Gel a Peel tubes to create different shales and textures. The set comes with moulds that you can use to stick on your designs or make into creations themselves.

 The Sets that we were using comes with 16 different templates which can be moulded into different shapes. It's very easy to use and my children love using the mould. It's very easy to use and comes with a squeegee to scrape away excess gel. It's best to do the moulds the day before as they take some time to dry. 

The sets are easy to use and even Son Son who is 4 was easily able to use the sets without much help. We even managed to get Asti involved who usually never goes near craft. He mainly enjoyed making the moulds into jewellery.

 This set retails at £19.99 and is perfect for crafting onto cards. I say the results came out much better than I originally thought. Why not get  Gel-A-Peel set and have a go yourself.

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  1. Loving these Crafts by these kids, These valentine's day facts for preschoolers shows that this is not only for adults, but for kids too.