Wednesday 7 February 2018

Being a mum to a child with behavioural problems is tough

So my eldest  son hasnt been diagnosed with ADHD. I know this might sound wrong but he does have something wrong with him behaviourally. We know it the school knows it yet our local authroity has taken nearly 4 years to sort anything out. Its one of the most frustrating things we are going through and a conversation myself and my husband have EVERY night. about his behaviour. To be honest I feel such a failue as a parent. Almost as if Ive let him down. Its my faukt hes mean to other children at school or is cassed as a bully. Ive failed him because he has no respect for authority. 

Its so fucking tough. 

Im so frustrated with it all. Ive seriously had enough of it all. This was the one thing I worried about since being a teen mum was a mum to a child with behavioural problems. It makes me feel crap seriousky does. When you have a child kick off because they cant have an adult meal and they dont unerstand its becuase of price. Having a child kick of becuase they have to do something there younger sibling does is not fun. 

serioudsly what have I done wrong. 

Why is it that I feel like a shit parent. Were not even at secondary school or the teenage years. 

I have always tried my best over the last 11 years. The school caller ID comes up and I know its not going to be good news it never is. Now my son isnt allowed to go on the school residential as they are affraid it will be too much hard work is frustrating. He is constsantly banned from play and even PE. He never gets the chance to run if energy then is manic in the class. 

I hope it starts to get easier. 

It has too. 

Its a real test of out faith. We try to bring our children up with good morals and to be kind. 

Sorry this has been very Ranty. I just needed to type and get my feelings down. Ive not blogged in so long that when I get my fingers on the keyboard I just cant stop. I forgot how good it feels to write your feelings down on paper (screen). 

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  1. Sending you a big hug...
    It sounds like you are really being let down by your local authority...You are not a failure. You can see there is something not quite right and are trying to make things better...It sounds like the school need to change their tactics because banning him from play & P.E isn't working.
    I hope you get some help xx