Friday 3 November 2017

Peppa's Interactive Playmat Review

Peppa Pig has been a big name in our house over the last ten years and all three of my children have loved that cheeky pig. So i knew they would love our latest review of the Peppa Pig Interactive Playmat. I knew Son Son would love it as he loves Peppa and recently has loved recently telling me every number that he sees.

The one thing I love about the mat is that you have to be active to use it. My son Son is like a duracell bunny he just keeps on going so something that can keep him engaged and burn some of the endless energy is something we approve of. The Mat has Peppa and all her family on friends so there and they really haven't missed any of Peppas little friends. The mat has four different modes that you can play.

The modes include a sing along mode with 5 popular songs from the TV show. Son Son loved this mode and enjoyed singing along with his favourite songs. The mat has some of everyone favourite songs including the Bing Bong song that we all know and love. The instructions are very clear and its very east to set up. The voices also sound very life like. The mat encourages developmental learning as it can help children to learn numbers and colours.

Technology is such a big part of children's life now so something like this mat can help get children used to technology though to be honest I already think my children are more clued up than me on somethings. The mat retails at £19.99 and is a must for any Peppa fan. It is sutible for ages 3 plus but I think younger children could benefit also from the mat.


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