Wednesday 15 November 2017

Family Games night - Boom Blast Stix's and Friday night at Freddys Board game review

Children are growing up so fast these days I know my children love to play board games. Its one of the only times they want to get off a screen. We were recently sent some games to have some fun and have a family games night. We were sent two games to try Five nights at Freddy's and Boom Blast Stix. 

The first game was Five nights at Freddys's me being down with the youth didn't know that five nights at Freddy's was a scary video game. The older boys were all well aware of the game although they hadn't played it before they were eager to try the game out.

The idea of the game is to steal the tokens from Freddy without him waking up. My nephew Louie came and played the game and he was hilarious every time he had a go the bear would jump up at him. Whilst you are playing some creepy suspense music comes from the game building suspense in the game.

The game works by spinning the dial to decide how many turns you have and which colour token to get. If you wake Freddy he screams and jumps up from his slumber. If you see the photo below of my poor nephew getting scared. We played it for the little ones that you had to take it in turns to take Freddy's dinner. 

We loved Five nights at Freddy's it was great fun if a little scary. The game retails at £24.99 and is suitable for ages 8 plus. Although my little ones at ages 4 and 5 played too and enjoyed the game also.

The next game we played was Boom Blast Stix which is an explosive game that the idea is to see how high you can stack the pieces. The pieces aren't any old shapes they are plastic springs that ping up at any time.

We started the game by playing it on the lid so it would be easier for the little ones. Everyone enjoyed the suspense and often they would ping straight away causing eruptions of laughter.

The game is so simple yet addictive. Before we knew it we had the lid on the top and the springs flying all over the kitchen. Its almost like an exploding game of Jenga where the pieces end up flying in the air.

Boom Blast Stixs retails at £14.99 and I think its the perfect game for Christmas I can just imagine the springs flying everywhere and people having a good laugh together as they play it.

We loved both the games although I did prefer the Boom Blast one the Friday night at freddys made me scream and jump out my seat. It was really nice having a family games night. Especially as we are all so busy during the week it really made a difference than our usual routine.

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