Monday 15 May 2017

Lucy Locket Wooden Cake Stand Sorter Review

There is one type of toy that I have always loved and thats a wooden toy. Something about a wooden toy that is almost timeless. Some of the wooden toys that we have are over 10 years old and still standing strong today.

 I have seen a lot of wooden cake stands and have always wanted one for Ami. Thankfully the lovely people at Lucy Locket sent us one to try out. As you can see from the pictures its bright and colourful and straight away Ami was desperate to play with it. I put it together in next to no time whilst Ami opened all the cakes. 

The cake stand comes with 11 different cakes that are all individually numbered. Ami is currently in Reception and is in love with sorting numbers so for her the numbers were more important than the cakes. All the cakes are sorted into individual spaces which is great for children to learn through play. 

 All the cakes are individually decorated and looks like popular cakes and cupcakes. So not only can the cake stand be used for pretend play which is Ami and Son Son's favourite thing to do. They took it in turns to be the baker / shop worker and the other the customer. They both seem to love the more simple games but always sweet to watch them play. 

The cake stand is great quality and would be an asset to any bedroom and play room. I love the bright colours and even the added glitter to some of the cakes. The Cake stand is suitable for children 3 plus which I think is suitable both Ami and Son Son loved it. 

The cake stand retails at £25 and is well worth it. 

Find the Cake Stand and many more at Lucy Locket and many more toys too so please do check them out here. 

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