Wednesday 31 May 2017

Casdon Kenwood Mixer Review

There is one thing my little ones love to do in the kitchen and thats bake. They are forever asking to make cakes and other treats. Thankfully I was asked to review the Casdon Kenwood mixer which I can tell you went down an absolute treat. A childfree food mixer that you can ensure is safe for children to use with out the risk of loosing a finger. 

The mixer comes in two different functions children can use the handle to manually mix the attachments in the bowl. The other way you can use it by putting batteries in and using the dial to make the mixer paddle turn around. The speed can be adjusted by turning the dial at the front. The mixer isn't the fastest when switched on so there is no risk to the children. Ami and Son Son loved turning the handle more than the dial. 

We made some fairy cakes to start off using the mixer the children loved to add ingredients into the bowl and mix it all together. The pop up arm helps to develop the hand eye co ordination. They took it in turns and after a while when the mixture had smoothed out we could use the motor on the mixer. The bowel isn't massive so we make lots of little batches meaning they could have more fun using it more. 

The attachment paddles can change depending on what you are making  and also included is a spatula . There is also a recipe book included but I can imagine they require some assistance by hand mixing as we found that the mixer couldn't cope with large amounts or anything too bumpy. This didn't stop the children enjoying the mixer and they had great joy making cakes. The bowel can be removed so can be cleaned easily too along with the mixing paddles. 

All in all we loved the little mixer not only can it be used to play alone or used to help bake in the kitchen. Ami liked it she said it made her feel grown up. The mixer retails at £19.99 and perfect for any child who loves baking.