Tuesday 9 December 2014

Heinz baby Pouch Food Review

We recently got sent another hamper of lovely Heinz food and I have to say the food lasted a day. oh and not to forget the little treat for me too! I managed to get a quick photo before the baby and the toddler pinched the pouches and happily ate them. I love pouches and I have used them with all my three. I love how convenient they are and easy to use.You can feel the temperature and easy enough to pop in your bag. Perfect when you are a busy mum.

We were sent this range of food this time:

Sunday Chicken Dinner 
Sweet Potato, Parsnip &Apple 
Apple & Strawberry 
Apple, Pear & Banana 
Peach, Mango & Banana

They both loved the pureed fruit pouches we regularly buy those each week with the shopping so they knew they were for them as soon as they saw the parcel. Little bear who can not talk yet was pointing and Ami was asking constantly for them.They contain one of your chuld's five a day which is always hard to achieve (well it is for me anyway. Little Bear enjoyed the Savory dinners too, I fed him that of a spoon in which he was very cross about but he tends to get confused thinking its going to be sweet so spits it out. 

My favourite thing about the pouches is that you do not need a spoon and they can feed them selves. This way is most the time mess free and easy for them to do so. I often take pouches to my elder sons football practice as they do not like to sit still unless they are eating and these are tasty for them to sit and eat something healthy for a while. Also as they do not require a spoon you do not have to hunt round your bad for that questionable spoon wondering how long its been in the bag. Perfect for travelling and when your out and about. Of course if you do not want them to eat it from the pouch than put into a bowl and feed with a spoon, a great idea if they do not each all the pouch, the screw on lid means it can go in the fridge and be used later on. 

These Pouches are a little bit more expensive than the jars but are worth it for convenience. They usually are around the pound mark in most stores and I really recomend them. Check out the Hienz baby website for more tips and products to do with baby/ toddler weaning. 


  1. Yummy! Looks like they have enjoyed their tasty treats x

  2. I loved the pouches when we were weaning, much easier when out and about! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested