Monday 8 December 2014

Funny Toddler chat 27 months

Toddler sure are funny and I fin myself tweeting/ texting my hubby with Ami's latest toddler chat, so here is some of our conversations over the last month. 

Mummy: What do you want to watch Ami
Ami: Toy story its my favourite ever
A few minutes into Toy Story
Ami: I dont Like this one anymore

Ami: Wheres your Dinner?
Mummy: Its in my Tummy
Ami: No its not its in your tummy its in your mouth!

Ami to Little Bear: Oh my Gays Son Son (she meant oh my days

Daddy: What do you want for Chrsitmas
Ami: Father Christmas get me Peppa Pig Bike
Daddy: Only if your good
Ami I want to go to Daddys bed when its dark
Daddy: Ok Ami Bear

Ami: My favourite food it scetti not chips
I dont like them.
Takes Daddys fork and says:
"Dont worry Daddy I feed you"
She then started feeding Daddy! 

Ami waking at 6am 
Daddy: Ami back to bed its night time
Ami: No thank you its morning. 
Daddy: No look its dark outside
Ami: No put Peppa pig on

I caught Ami upstairs in my draws covered in Lipstick
Mummy: Have you been playing with Mummy's Lipsticks
Ami: Yes I look all pretty now!

I got the natvity out which is very old so I showed Ami in which she replied. 
Ami: Why has that man got face paint? 
Mummy: What do you mean?
Ami: That man he has face paint
I looked at one of the figures and it was a King that had been painted black in a old person way 
Mummy: No thats his skin colour Ami
Ami: Oh thats his skin Aston
She then has told everyone who has come round. 

Here is just a few of our little chats next month I will be a bit better at writing them down as some are just so funny.


  1. There's nothing like children to bring a smile to your face, I'm constantly laughing at some of the things the kids say at home.

  2. This is priceless. My Mum used to keep a giant notebook with all funny things my sister and I ever said... it is an amazing things to read after the years

  3. That's just adorable! She certainly sounds like she knows her own mind

  4. Hehee, I love conversations with little ones, they really do come out with the funniest things. My favourite has to be the lipstick conversation! Popping over from Magic Moments.

  5. hehehe! Conversations with toddlers are so much fun! x

  6. Hehe so cute!! Out of the mouths of babes! :)

  7. Littlies are always a great source of amusement when they're chatting away. I love listening to my daughter when she's making things and providing her own running commentary the whole way.

  8. My little one comes out with some really funny things now, I might need to start blogging them! toddlers are so funny! #magicmoments