Monday 6 January 2014

Ami your 17 months

So Ami you need to stop growing up
you are far to independant 
your turning into more of a little girl each day

You have had another Christmas and you loved all the lights
you learned that wrapped presents have exciting things in side
you have loved staying away and being around family
and loving this time of year

you dont stop talking 
even though sometimes we dont understand what your saying
we love it and makes us laugh so much
your favorite word this month being happy bear 
(one time you were sad you said Im not a happy bear)

You have become so idependant at meal times
you refuse to let anyone fed you
but you manage to eat quite a lot
but alot still ends up on the floor

You have been sleeping well 
often giving everyone a good lie in!
on new years day you slept until 10:30 well done 

you love to play with your brothers
especially Pants who often gets a few whacks when he doesnt share with you
you boss him (and us around) 
Little bear gets lots of kisses (and the occasional bop on the head) 

Ami we love you so much
our little girl