Monday, 25 February 2019

Teenie Tiny Toes interactive Doll Review

There is one thing in our house that always goes down a storm and that's anything to do with babies. My younger two play babies all day Ami being the mum Son Son the Dad. They love all sorts of doll's so when we were asked to review some Tiny interactive dolls I knew it would be right up there street. 

 We tried out the  Teenie Tiny Toes they are small interactive dolls that fit in the palm of your hand, measuring just 11cm from head to toe. Each doll comes with 6 different sensors that react to touch, motion and light. There is three in the collection which includes Ticklish Tess, Gigglin Gabby and laughin Luna. 

Ami and Son Son loved the dolls as soon as they saw them. They said are these babies as small as the babies at your work. Thankfully they are just a little bit smaller than my babies. The dolls come included with batteries which is a bonus making them ready to play with straight away. 

They were quick to work out what the babies did Son Son liked to make his baby burp where Ami thought it was sweet to rock her baby to sleep. Together they worked out what each baby did and even how to play peekaboo. 

Touch the dolls back and she will burp.  Touch the left cheek for kissing noises.  There is a light sensor near the hat which, when covered and uncovered activates peekaboo sounds.  To put the dolls to sleep you have to rock them backwards and forwards in your hand a few times.  There is also a sensor on the bottom of the tummy and right foot for other sounds.

Son Son and Ami were over the moon that they are so interactive. They are also so cute the way they move there arms and legs. It is a good way of encouraging them with there role play. 

The dolls are made out of plastic and hopefully durable we will see in a few weeks. They retail at £14.99 which I think is good value for a little doll that does a lot of things. Check out this link to find out more about Teenie Tiny Toes


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