Monday, 30 March 2020

Life As We Know it.

Sorry, it been a very long while, I kind of fell out of love with my little blog as you can probs tell from the lack of posts on here in the last few years. I checked in the recent about us section to see that in fact, I stated that Asti was 8... when he is now 13!!

So here we are 2020. In the most strange year, everyone all over the world has faced. We went from one week having all the kids at school and the next having to home school them. I am currently a neonatal nurse and have been moved hospitals and there is even the chance that I will be moved to an adult ward if needed. It's a scary time for all us working in the NHS.

I thought now would be a good time to start with this little blog. Document this special time and remember the time when the world stood still and people fought over loo roll.

Home Schooling is going somewhat almost nonexistent. I feel myself under a lot of pressure to do stuff and almost don't know where to start. I am struggling to provide the content and engagement of my children and feel sorry for my eldest who is in year 8. I am not strict about making them do much work. Take today they did 30 mins math, 30 mins English and that was it. I cried as I felt the pressure of it all.

On top of that, I am still working as a nurse, my poor husband is attempting to work from home. He has his office set up in one of the kid's bedroom and the hardest thing is getting him to finish in time for the kids to go to bed. Although I am very grateful to be able to work and we both have our jobs, I know that's not the case across the country. Work for me is almost a break and I have never enjoyed it more. It is the only time I have away from the family and as stressful as work is I can't bring it home.

On Sunday is my mothers 60th Birthday which should have been a special day with a lunch out and family time together but all that has been scrapped. My mother is a carer and is covering colleagues as who may be self-isolating themselves. It's a tough old time for everyone. I am gutted for her to be fair. Will get the kids to draw lots of pictures and we will post it round there for Sunday.

So that's life at the moment. Poor kids who are wondering whats going on, why they can't see their friends. It's hard for them too and as much as I think these times are tough it's not forever,


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