Friday 17 November 2017

Ready Brek and Despicable Me 3 Review

It sure is getting cold these last few weeks and we have had to dig out our winter coats and hats. There is one thing I love about the weather getting colder is a good hearty breakfast. My little ones love porridge and see it as such a treat in the mornings. I love to make a massive bowl and we all have some each with our different flavours and toppings. For me, I love a little bit of sugar but the kids they love to mix fruit in there's (they are obviously a lot more healthy than me).

Ready Brek have recently launched a despicable me 3 range where there is the chance to win prizes every hour. With this, we were recently sent the new film and toy to try along with some more ready brek. Which my daughter was more excited about the porridge than the toys and film.

I remember eating Ready Brek before school when I was younger the taste of it still reminds me of the long cold walk we had to school. The good thing about ready brek is that it provides such long-lasting energy which keeps the little ones going all day at school and nursery. I sometimes have it before work as a nurse I start early in the morning so need all the energy I can get. Since looking online I have seen ready brek can be used for smoothies and cakes too so its a definite cupboard must have.

The Toy we were sent was the Despicable Me 3 Fiz and Surprise toy. Which as a child who loves any surprise egg toy video went down a treat. The toy contains a bath bomb like the egg which inside revealed a sibutramine with 2 Mineez collectable toys. It works by putting in icy cold water then you watch it fizz until it reveals the hidden toys. The toys also change colour in cold water. There's plenty of characters to add to the collection too. 

My little ones absolutely love Despicable me actually we all do. My daughter cant sleep without her unicorn that we won in the arcades when she was 2, it is no longer fluffy like the film and more of a grey colour but she loves it all the same. Despicable Me 3 sees the characters we all love with some added new ones too such (spoiler alert)  as Gru's long lost twin brother. We see our loved Minions get into trouble and start a prison gang. It is a perfect film to watch as a family as its full of parts that make you all laugh and jokes aimed at adults that go over the kids' heads.

All in all, we love Ready Brek and Despicable me. Ready brek is available in most supermarkets and food stores and if you haven't had ready brek this year then get it in the shopping.

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